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Final Fantasy TCG: Anniversary Collection 2024

Final Fantasy TCG: Anniversary Collection 2024

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The Anniversary Collection Set 2024 is the follow-up release to the Anniversary Collection Set 2022.

The set comes in an outer box that can be used as a mid-sized storage box and contains a 50-card prebuilt deck that can be used to play with right away, and 200 additional cards featuring sought-after characters from Opus I through Opus XVIII Resurgence of Power. On top of this, 3 copies of a new commemorative “Anniversary” promo card are included in a premium full art form, for a total count of 253 cards! This collection set is packed with the comprehensive history of FFTCG to date.

This deck includes 41 re-issued cards, accompanied by 9 (3 x 3 types) all-new promo cards, such as [PR-156] Zack and [PR-157] Aerith. 1 of each of these promo cards graces the collection with beautiful new artwork, making it a must-have for new and existing players.

Included in the set is two copies of 12 types of legendary cards, such as [12-119L] Y’shtola and [16-088L] Black Waltz 3, each type available in both a normal version and a full-art variant. This is a perfect set for players who want to get started on collecting cards from past sets or missed a particular set. 


  • Storage Box
  • 253 Cards
  • Quick starter guide
  • Reversible paper playmat
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