Magic: The Gathering: Murders at Karlov Manor Play Booster Box

Wizards of the Coast

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Play Boosters are the best of Draft and Set Boosters in one—they make for an awesome pack opening experience and are the perfect product for play. Plus, multiple slots in a Play Booster may contain rare cards.

In case you missed it, here's a full breakdown of the Play Booster:

  • 6 Commons—There is a possibility of booster fun in this slot.
  • 1 Common or Card from The List—Most of the time this will be the 7th common, but when a card from The List shows up, it shows up here.
  • 3 Uncommons—There is a possibility of booster fun in this slot.
  • 1 Wildcard—This card can be almost anything from the main set. It can be any rarity, and it has the possibility of being Booster Fun. Whatever it is, it will be nonfoil.
  • 1 Main set Rare or Mythic Rare
  • 1 Foil of any rarity—This is just like the Wildcard slot except that the card is guaranteed to be foil.
  • 1 Basic Land
  • 1 Non-Playable card—This can be a token, a play aide, an ad card, or an art card